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  1. September, where did that Summer go?

    As I sit here looking out across the field, the leaves on the trees are very noticably changing colour, they know that Autumn is in the air, the nights are drawing in and despite the headlines promising us an Indian Summer, we are now racing towards beautiful Autumn.

    Autumn, with it's rich oranges, reds, and browns; crunchy leaves on the floor that are great to kick around; the smell of warm, comforting woodsmoke; and the fields full of Pumpkins and Squash, with outstretched leaves and tendrils gently cuddling it's young.

    This is also the time that we, at White Wizard Purple Elf, start planning for the Winter. This month we have already seen an increase in orders, as the seasonal gift buying begins. This week we have placed orders with our suppliers for the first of our new Seasonal stock, we are most excited about a delivery of Cornish Pewter Jewellery, as well as some mischievous Pixies, and magical toadstools.

    Some of you may have seen our St Justin pewter jewellery at an event this summer, and some of you may have heard the story of the Shipwrecked Cornish Tin. We are very privilaged to be able to sell, exclusively, a beautful range of Viking jewelley made in Penzance Cornwall from Cornish Pewter.

    The festival season is now coming to an end, but you can still visit us between now and the end of September at Middle Earth Festival, Sarehole Mill, Birmingham; The Enchanted Boar Festival, Ammanford, Wales; and Dragon Daze, Newport Centre. Followed by Christmas Fetes and Markets later in the year.

    Viking Ships

  2. little shadIntroducing the new

    Little Shadows
    Gothic Fairy Collection.

    The true story of the 'Little Shadows' is shrouded in both mystery and magic. It is said, by those who have been fortunate enough to see them, that on a full moon, as the last light of day sets across the land, our Little Shadow friends emerge, with a gift in their hand. They have been  seen dancing beneath the twinkling stars. 

    Their unique style, spirit, beauty, and charm will forever enchant your soul. 

    Click on the picture to meet a Little Shadow.

    little shadowss