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New! Manic Panic High Voltage Classic Formula Colour

25ml Tubes or 118ml Pots

World famous for its unique vibrant colours.

A semi-permanent hair dye with long lasting effect, vegan friendly, and PPD free.
This Hair Dye has been lighting up the hairstyles of alternative individuals for decades ever since the punk era. Now the number one brand of the Stars!

Manic Panic hair dye does not damage hair and contains restorative properties, acting as a conditioner that hydrates and "fills” processed hair.

For the best results, please use on porous, bleached, tinted or naturally light blonde hair.  When applied to darker untreated hair, results may vary depending on hair shade and texture.

A premium Semi-permenant Hair Dye, popular with celebrities, hair salons and professionals. Manic Panic’s Semi-permenant Hair Dye contains fortified herbal and protein complex, and features no animal by-products. Manic Panic Hair Colour can be used to achieve vibrant colours on pre-lightened or light blonde hair. Dark colours such as red, purple or green may be used to highlight naturally darker hair shades. Available in a wide range of colours. Brighten up your life from £3 a tube or £9 a pot.

Manic Panic Hair Colour Is Tested On Celebrities, Not Animals!

Directions Hair Dye by La Riche

88ml Tubs

Bringing colour alive for generations.

Speak to anyone who has ever added bright, bold, & vivid colour to their hair, they will have used, or still use Directions by La Riche.

An inexpensive Semi-permenant Hair Dye, popular with people who are experimenting with colour for the first time, those who want to change their colour often, or those who want colour for under a £5. Available in a wide range of colours, we stock 6 of the bestselling colours.

For best results - use on bleached or light hair colours, some shades may only give a hint of colour on darker unbleached hair. 

As colours wash out, they may fade to different colours e.g. I am currently using Plum, which becomes more blue and then turquoise as it washed out - 3 colours for the price of 1!

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